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Halloween pictures. 
01:45am 04/11/2006
mood: cold
I made a Sally costume this year for Halloween! It didn't come out as great as I had hoped but I'll share it here anyways. My friend Dan and his girlfriend Christina went as Pumpkin King Jack and Oogie Boogie.

I sense there's something in the wind...Collapse )

I love Halloween. :)

♥ Tiffany
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Hello all... 
12:45am 30/08/2006
  A few years back I made this Sally costume,

Picture...Collapse )

I originally made it for Halloween, but ended up wearing it to several conventions afterward with my ex dressed as Jack. I've made a lot of costumes, but Jack and Sally were always our most popular ones.

Here's a link to my costume gallery with more pictures of us.

Btw, I love the Sally art for the community.
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11:43pm 29/08/2006

I made myself a Sally dress for last year's Halloween.

Here be some photos and whatnot!Collapse )

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08:21pm 29/08/2006
  Hello! I'm Jessie. I'm a make-up artist. While I was in school I did Sally as one of my photoshoots. The picture of course focuses on the make-up, but you can see the top bit of the costume. I'd already had the dress left over from my prom.

The pictureCollapse )
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01:28am 29/08/2006
  Halloween is the greatest and best holiday ever. People who don't dress up should be hunted down by the people with plastic devil pitchforks.

Halloween is my birthday, so I am obsessed with it. I am also a big fan of cosplay, though my costumes are never too elaborate.
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fixed layout. 
07:29pm 28/08/2006
mood: busy
Hey people!

I just fixed the layout. I figure I might as well do the first post here.

I'm Tiffany and I have an obsession with The Nightmare before Christmas. I'm planning on making a Sally costume this year for halloween. I'll most likely be posting progress pictures once I get started on it. :)

Feel free to start posting!

♥ Tiffany
Getting this started... 
01:32pm 28/08/2006
mood: creative
I'm just getting this community started. I've put up a temporary layout until I can make something a little better. :)

Hopefully we'll get some more members soon.

♥ Tiffany your moderator